Delivery men

Furniture & Mattress Delivery

Providing Our Valued Customers With In-House Delivery

Delivery service can mean a lot of different things these days. For us, it means “old school” service. We deliver using our own trucks and our own staff, not a third party service. And when we deliver, we do the necessary assembly and installation to have you ready to use your furniture before we leave. The only thing you will need to do is have your home ready to receive your new purchase.

You also won’t have to wait long to get your furniture from Mattress Max Furniture. We warehouse locally so you don’t typically have to wait for us to receive your furniture. If we happen to not have your items in our warehouse and you don’t want to wait, we will sell our floor models, unlike most stores. And obviously, if you choose to custom order your items instead of purchasing from our stock, wait times may change according to manufacturer and shipping company. As a general rule though, we can usually deliver in-stock purchases in 1 to 7 days. 

Delivery Fees

Our fee does not increase according to the amount or number of items purchased.

Mattress or recliner in Spartanburg County: $99.

Other Furniture: $149

Neighboring counties: $25 upcharge

All other counties are on a special quote basis.

**A few of our items do have an additional assembly fee.

Items listed on the website are only a small sample of our inventory. Please visit our showroom for complete selection.