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The reclining chair is the most comfortable, most used seat in the house. That’s why selecting the right one is so important!

We have recliners from petite ladies’ size chairs to the extra large Beast recliner. We have manual recliners, power recliners, swivel recliners, rocker recliners, swivel rocker recliners, wall huggers/space savers and recliners with adjustable headrests and lumber support.

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Best Home Furnishings offers great American-made products built in Indiana. The key feature of Best Home products is the solid wood frame for longer life. Best also gives you special access to the cushioning that allows you to add or remove the stuffing in the pillow backs for more customized comfort. We have been offering Best Home Furnishings products for over 35 years because of their exceptional workmanship and service. And if you can’t find that just-right piece or set, we can custom order from the many styles and fabrics that Best Home Furnishings offers! Choose your style, choose your fabric and let one of our knowledgeable staff members get it ordered for you.

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Cheers Furniture

Cheers Furniture, a division of Man Wah Furniture Manufacturing, is our import value product. We import container loads of Cheers Furniture directly to our store to offer you a great value in reclining furniture. Man Wah Furniture Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of reclining furniture in the world. Cheers is the division of Man Wah Furniture Manufacturing devoted to working with independent stores like ours. If a quality product at a low price is what you’re looking for, Cheers is the answer and Mattress Max Furniture is the place!

Featured Products

Best Home 1A27

Best Home 1A27

This petite ladies-size chair is ideal for small people and small areas like bedrooms or RVs.  Available in several colors from stock or custom-order in your choice of fabrics. Manual or power recline option.  Ideal for people 5’3” and shorter.

Manual Recline $699.00
Power Recline $799.95

Best Home 9M87

Best Home 9M87

This is our one-size-fits-most recliner. Soft padded arms and back with chaise lounge in a mid-sized recliner. Available in manual and power. Ideal for people 5’4” to 5’11”. Available in several colors.

Fabric Manual Recline $599.00
Fabric Power Recline $799.95

Leather Manual Recline $899.00
Leather Power Recline $999.95

Best Home 3L40

Best Home 3L40

Comfort can also have class. This high leg leather recliner has all the comfort of the ugly chairs but with style. Touch button power recline allows you to stop in any position. Ideal for people 5’9” to 6’3”. Available in several colors.

Fabric Recliner $999.95
Leather Recliner $1299.95

Best Home 6M57

Best Home 6M57

This over-sized chair is all about comfort. Due to its large size, this recliner is built with a heavier, stronger solid wood frame. Ideal for people 5’10” to 6’2”. Available in several colors.

Manual Recline $859.95
Power Recline $979.95
Power Recline with Tilt Headrest $1099.95

Best Home 6M57

Best Home 1B57

This big man chair is built to hold big men for a long time. Extra thick frame, extra thick steel, extra dense foam, and a coil spring seat make a recliner that’s not just bigger, but better. Ideal for people 5’11” to 6’3”. Available in several colors.

Manual Recline $899.95
Power Recline $1099.95

Best Home 9B14

Best Home 9B14

The Beast is the ultimate big man’s chair. Built to fit and last for the big man. Rated for up to 400 lb. users. The Beast is ideal for people 6’2” to 6’8”. Available in several colors.

Fabric Beast $1095.95
Camo Beast $1199.95
Leather Beast $1499.95

Cheers 3145 reclining chair

Cheers 3145

Large overstuffed comfort at a low price. Available in several colors.

Manual recliner $499.95

Anatomy of a Beast Recliner

Anatomy of a recliner

Denser foam seat to prevent sagging
Coil springs for stronger support
Thickest steel mechanism for longer life
Lever control for ease of operation
Access to Re-stuff the backs