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Financing Mattresses & Furniture


We have financing options for every need!

  • Wells Fargo

  • Lendmark

  • First Franklin

  • SNAP


12 months interest free everyday on purchases over $1000.00. 6 months interest free on lesser amounts.


Need longer interest free terms?  Let's talk.  On larger purchases or select items we can often arrange longer interest free terms.


Why We Offer Different Sources


Wells Fargo is our quickest and easiest source, giving us approvals in only a few minutes.  They use a revolving account like a credit card with a payment of 3 ½ percent of the unpaid balance and a $35 minimum.  


Lendmark and First Franklin are both companies with local offices.  This assures that if you have any issues you can speak with someone face to face.  They both use closed-end contracts with a set number of payments so you know exactly what to expect.

You can apply to Lendmark online here.

SNAP is our no-credit-check option. It is great for those with low credit scores, as well as those who need to avoid a credit inquiry due to a mortgage closing date or other reasons.  Requirements for SNAP approval are that you must have an income greater than $750 per month, have an active checking account and have a valid email address and phone number.  TEXT 587707 to 48078 to apply for SNAP.

First Franklins Payment Chart
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