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We make mattress shopping easy!

Mattress Max Furniture has been voted Spartanburg's Best of the Best in mattress stores by for 5 years in a row! We have won that distinction for good reason. We are committed to being the best mattress store we can be. We don't just have a mattress area in our furniture store, we have a mattress store within our furniture store. And almost every mattress is in stock and ready for fast delivery or immediate pickup.

At Mattress Max Furniture we understand that buying a mattress can be one of the most confusing purchases you can make. Although we have one of the largest selections of mattresses around, we have the experience and knowledge to help make your decision simple. Our staff is the most experienced around and go through regular training to help you overcome the confusion.

With name brand products like Sealy Hybrid and Stearns & Foster, as well as the best products you may not have heard of, like Paramount Heavy Duty and Southerland, we know we have the right mattress for you. We offer a great selection of traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. We even offer a two-sided mattress, a category some of our competitors claim does not exist any longer. Simply put, we shop hard for the best mattresses so you don't have to!

Let one of our experienced team members show you how easy it can be to find your perfect mattress.  

Mattress Shopping Tips

There are two Key Factors in Selecting a Mattress



There is no substitute for lying on the mattress you are considering purchasing. We call this a test rest. Don't be in a rush when shopping. It can take a few minutes for your body to adjust to the support and comfort of a mattress. Test resting is best done in loose, comfortable clothes. We also recommend that you wear shoes that you can easily slide on and off to get the best feel of the mattress.

Support refers to how well the mattress holds your body up. You want your spine to be in its natural position when lying down – not sagging at the hips like you would be in a hammock. We have assigned all of our mattresses a support level rating to help you compare our various models.


Comfort refers to the layers between you and the support system (coils or dense support foam). Comfort level is a personal preference. Most people want the softest comfort level they can achieve without sacrificing support. We have assigned all of our mattresses a luxury level rating to help you compare the comfort of all our various models.


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